Many receive words of prophecy and do nothing about it. They do not understand that whoever receives a prophecy must war with it to bring it to pass. Many have no idea that once a word is released, Satan will rise up against it to make sure it does not come to pass. His aim is to stop the prophecy and make God appear a liar. But we know the truth. Satan is the liar and God remains faithful forever.

Our inability to work towards the actualization of a prophecy renders the prophecy useless. Even if we receive one million prophecies in one day, if we sleep on them, there will never come to pass. And many are ignorant of this truth. This is where the error is.


Let me share something with you. About 18 years ago, a prominent prophet in my country told me about my calling as a man of God. I was very young then and all I wanted was a financial breakthrough to realize my dreams as a film producer. That was the desire of my flesh. But my spirit was longing to serve God as a man of God.


However, though I wanted to fulfill the desires of my flesh, I did not ignore the fact that I would become a man of God in future according to the word that I received from the prophet. Yet, I did not ask the Lord what to do with the prophecy. I actually believed that when God wants me to work for him, he will tell me. Therefore, I did nothing to actualize that prophecy. That was a wrong decision on my part. I must say that it was a decision taken out of my ignorance of how prophecy works.


What I have described above is what is happening to many people today. Many receive a prophetic word and sleep on it with the belief that since God has spoken, he will make it happen at his own time. They forget that for the prophecy to actualize, they have a part to play.


Now, let us move back to my testimony about the prophecy I received in 1998. It would be many years later before I realized that some of the things the prophecy said about me were already happening. Unfortunately, I was fighting them without my knowledge, thereby pulling myself back.


Why was it so? It was so because out of ignorance and in my quest to fulfill my carnal desires, I neglected the prophecy and waited for God to make it happen. Yet, some of my own actions were working against the same prophecy.


I would later understand that whilst the Lord was taking me through the path of hardship, rejection, disappointment, frustration, isolation and all that he needed to do to bring me to the place of brokenness and submission which was required for my ministry, I was in my own ignorance fighting the process by trying to have my own way in achieving my carnal desires. My focus was to become a prominent film producer. Much as I loved the idea of being a man of God, it was secondary. You will understand what I mean when I share some of the prophecies with you.


But I must first of all say that our inability to understand the real import of a prophecy and what is required of us to make it come to pass is one problem many who have been prophesied over, face today. Like in my days of ignorance, because most believers do not understand that God needs our obedience and submission to actualize the prophecy we have received towards his future plans for us, they fight it whilst chasing more words.


That was my mistake in those days and I paid dearly for it. Remember what God did to Jonah when he refused to go to Nineveh? Many who oppose God are suffering the same fate. Unfortunately, without their knowledge. When we keep running after new prophetic words without working to actualize what has already been prophesied over us, we become rebellious in the sight of God and suffer for it.


There is always a price to pay for disobedience. Ignoring a prophetic word is an act of disobedience. Why do we think that God has pleasure in telling us more about our future when we have done nothing about what he already told us?


Now, when I recognized the prophecy I received from the man of God, accepted it and started working towards it, life became easier. I knew the reasons for the things I was going through. Our Lord Jesus submitted to death on the cross because he knew that it was the only way for him to fulfill the Father’s will.


It must be borne in mind that, amongst other things, prophecy comes to give us direction about our lives. Our understanding, acceptance, and obedience to the prophecy we receive and our determination to run with it is what makes the prophecy powerful and meaningful in our lives. What is happening today is that many people want prophetic words, but do nothing with it. Yet they want more everyday.


This behaviour is akin to that of a child who goes to school and ignores doing his home work. Tomorrow, he takes another work home and still refuses to work it and submit to the teacher. Yet, expects to pass his exams at the end of the term. It is not possible.


One of the things the man of God told me was this:”My son, God is calling you to work in his vineyard. Therefore, whatever business you are doing now is temporary. You are a man of God,” said the Prophet. That was not all. Again, he said to me, “I see you moving around the world spreading the word of God.”


That was exciting. But there was a clause I did not like. This is common to us. We want to hear how we will become great. But we hate the process. That is why many ignore a prophecy that speaks about suffering and hardship. But the last time I checked, our Lord Jesus Christ did not become the King of Kings and the Lord of lords without suffering. 1 Peter 4 tells us to be like Christ who suffered in the flesh in obedience to the Father. Jesus Christ worked to fulfill the prophecy that said he will save his people from sin and received the crown of glory from the Father.


We too must go through things to be glorified by the Lord. We cannot do that by running away from doing what God wants from us which has been revealed to us, prophetically. Hear what the prophet further said to me:”Listen to me, my son,” he continued, “This journey is not going to be easy for you. God will use you in a great way to win souls, but it won’t be easy for you,” he emphasized.


I am sure that the prophet saw my excitement and wanted me to know that it won’t be rosy as God had shown him. Many who receive prophecies about greatness always think that it will happen like magic. I thought so too in my days of ignorance. But today, I have realized that God is not a magician. He works with people and time to make his prophecies happen.


Think about Joseph and all that he suffered before his dream of ruling over his family came to pass. It is not enough to receive a prophetic word, we must also do our part to make it happen. Joseph received a prophetic dream and stood by it even in the midst of rejection, threat to his life, false accusation and imprisonment. All that was required for him to get to where God had prepared for him. The only reason he got there was because he did not ignore the prophetic dream he had. He knew that God needed his submission to make it happen.


Now, this was the scary part of the prophecy the man of God gave me: “My son, I see you walking on a rough path. On this path are sharp stones, broken bottles and sharp nails. These things will make your journey with the Lord rough. But it is what you need to reach the promised land, “said the man of God.


That was not all. What he said next was a counsel from a father who knew what it means to be what God wanted me to become; “His servant”.”Always remember this word in your days of  trouble. It will help you to stay focused on the calling of God upon your life. If you do not give up on the way, God will see you through and you will rejoice at last,” he added.


What the prophet told me was an advise that made me strong and focused in my days of despair and hopelessness since I surrendered and followed the Lord as a man of God. The first two years of my journey as a full time minister was very hard. Many times, I tried to give up, but the prophetic word from the man of God was always there to help me. Today, I am glad that I persevered. I have a different story to tell – the story of a winner in Christ Jesus.


Never deceive yourself, being a man of God is not meat and drink, especially for those who have been called as Prophets. Always bear that in mind, and do not sleep on the word you receive about the future. Don’t be running after new words whilst you have buried the first one. It is a suicide mission.


Now, that was how the Prophet concluded the message which I received in 1998. May I say with joy and gratitude that most of the prophecies I have received in this group reflect the prophecies I received many years ago, including the ones I have shared here.


Now, what does that mean? It means that the prophecies I get these days both in my home church and elsewhere, including the ones I get in this group come to encourage and guide me. They help me to stay focused, because they are linked to that same prophecy which came to me in Lagos, Nigeria in 1998. I repeat, the prophecies I get today are not new. They come to help me to be focused and keep fighting and never give up until all is accomplished according to the word of God which was spoken over me many years ago. That is the essence of prophecy.


When people are busy asking for a new prophetic word and not work to actualize what they have already received, it profits them nothing. God does not contradict himself. He will not give us a new word that will run contrary to what we have already received. Every new word can only be a reminder until we have obeyed.


Therefore, do not expect that God will give you seedlings to plant in the farm he asked you to clear when the farmland is still bushy. Clear the farm and the seedlings will be released to you, That is how it works.


The scriptures for this message are: Romans 8 vs. 18-19, 28,35-38, Rev 2 vs 9-10, Luke 24 vs 13 – 27.


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