THE IRON ROD


I would like to share something interesting with you. It is specifically for those that the Lord is calling into full time ministry and they are dragging their feet. This story would help you to make up your mind and follow him as soon as you can.

You see I used to work in the entertainment industry(Music and Movies) I still do. Though, I have taken a break for the kingdom work because it was taking all my time and the Lord was not too pleased, so he put a stud on my way. That is the story I would like to share with you tonight. By God’s grace, I am a scriptwriter, Production Manager, film producer, actor, and I score movies(This means that I have the ability to produce music for movies as music writer, singer and arranger) But all along I knew that I was going to end up preaching the word. But I guess I did not understand that when a prophecy says that God has called you, you don’t sit down and wait. You need to find out what to do to make your calling fruitful to both man and God. I was told years back that the Lord was calling me. But I did not understand what they meant by that. So I said to myself, when he(God) is ready, he will let me know. But that was a mistake. Unfortunately so many people are carrying the call of God on their heads and waiting for God to tell them when to start. That is mainly because we have no fathers and mentors in many local churches to help these people.

So, despite the fact that I had received many prophecies about God calling me, I still ignored the message and went ahead with my movie making business. But I have really come to understand that my main problem, contrary to what many prophets would tell me, was not because I was stubborn, but mainly because I lacked direction. All the prophets told me was that God was calling me. But none gave me any direction as per how to go about it. This is a serious problem many people with the call of God are facing.

Anyway, back to the story. You see I come from a very poor family. I have seen so much poverty that I was determined to work hard, make money and change things in my family. Again, I was mistaken. God knew I was poor but had his own plans to change that. And his plans was for me to preach the word and not waste my time making movies. Brethren, I want you to understand one thing. I am not saying that God does not like movies or want me to make movies. But it was not the priority for him. But that was a lesson I would have to learn in future in a very painful way too.

I worked hard for four years from Nigeria to Ghana to make my first movie and I succeeded in raising the fund at last after four years of hard struggle. So I made my first personal movie(TV SERIES) in 2008. Over $20,000 united states dollars was invested in it. I was the story teller, script writer, producer, music scorer, executive producer(Financier) and also played a role as an actor. It was a very successful production. But I had my first hitch in the studio. we have finished editing all the footages and had arranged the episodes to the 17th episode, which means we were left with only 9 episodes to make up our target of 26 episodes. Then we had the shock of our lives; the editing machine crashed and we lost everything. That means we had to start the editing all over again. That crash led me to borrowing money to finish the job.That was not part of my plan at all. So you can imagine how I felt. But that was a tip of the iceberg.

Finally, we succeeded in finishing the cutting of the movie and packaged it very well for tv market. It was first shown on Africa-magic plus. They bought the right and paid for it. I got about $9,000 from it. The money was spread over a period of six months before the last one was paid. It means that it somehow lost its value to some extent. The agent who brokered the deal took about $1,500 from it and I was left with about $6,500 or so. The movie was later shown here on a free to air TV in Ghana. It ran for 26 weeks and not even one sponsor came on it. That means I got no money from it. Later a cable pay tv bought the right for $2,600 dollars and refused to pay. After two years, I took them to court but I had no money to hire a lawyer. All my money was already gone. I struck a bargain to share the money with the lawyer if he recovered it. He took the company to court and they agreed to pay. The payment was spread over a period of four months. It was a useless effort at last because I got almost nothing out of it. All in all, I did not recover half of the money I spent on the movie. That means as we speak, I lost over $10,000 on the movie. Not because it was not good but the Lord made sure he frustrated my efforts so I could come back to him. You might ask, why? The matter is simple. If he had allowed the movie business to prosper, I would have been out there making movies and not here talking the word of God with you my brethren.

So now, all my money was gone. The movie took all away. I had no job again because I could not make any other movie. No one hired me for any job again. I stayed over one year without a job and income. I was living on Charity. I was confused and frustrated. I started asking why? Any church I entered, and there is a prophet, I would be the first to be singled out. The message was the same. All the prophets said the same thing. ” Go and work for God. If not, you will suffer. I remember, I went to a church. It was my first time and it was a prophetic meeting. The Prophetess said,”There is somebody here. God is calling you and you are running. Where are you running to? Do you think you can run faster than God?” Then she added this,”I see you as a hunter with a rifle(Gun)in your hand trying to catch an animal. but you will never catch anything. Since you started chasing money, have you found it? Brother, if you want to have peace go and follow God. You are a Prophet. I know you have been told before but you are running away. For your own good, go and do God’s work,” she concluded. That was in 2010. I remember I went to another place, the prophetess looked at me and said, “I will not pray for you. You are supposed to be praying for others. God is calling you but you are stubborn. But God will deal with you if you continue to resist him,” she said and left me there.

I was frustrated because I did not know how to start or where to begin. I have never been to a Bible School. No one had thought me anything about preaching. Though I loved preaching. That I knew very well. It came to a time, I became afraid that something disastrous might happen to me. I had really come to terms that I had no choice in the matter but I still did not know what to do. I thought of going to a Bible school but that required money and I did not have it. Then one day, I carried my Bible and went to preach. well, the rest is what you see. I have been a preacher since 2011. I go to preach in banks and minister to people in their homes. I have no other job than to preach the word and minister to people on the net like this. I hope to start my own ministry soon. someone has offered me a place free of charge to do a midweek service till the Lord establishes me fully. The Lord has been very good and the journey is becoming clearer.

I have told you this, so you would know what God means when he says, follow me. Don’t try to resist God. He is too strong to be resisted by anyone. If you dare him, he will make you miserable. He is the judge and the jury. With him, you are always at fault because he is always right(hahahaha. am laughing as I type this) Believe me, I know what I am talking about. with God, you can never win. He knows how to make you cry. But you see, he will beg you and beg you to follow him for a long time. If you are stubborn like I was(or foolish may be), he will come with what is called, “THE IRON ROD” Have you heard of that before? Believe you me, you don’t want “THE IRON ROD” because it is too heavy and the pain that comes with it is too much to bear. He will hit you with it and make sure you don’t die as well because you must do the work. You have no option. All you need is make up your mind. He will show you the way.But if you remain stubborn, he would bring ” THE IRON ROD” after hitting you hard with it, you will still follow him despite the pain. Whether you like it or not, God is the alL time winner. Don’t dare him. Ur blessed.

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