These days, when most believers come in contact with a great Prophet of God, all they ask for is the anointing to prophesy. (Please note that I was like that some years back. Those were my days of ignorance)

I am speaking on this subject from experience. The aim is to help others who are as ignorant of what being a prophet is, as I was some years back.

Just like me in those days, many believers today think that the prophetic anointing will draw people to them, make them famous, rich and powerful. But that is not what the ministry is about.

This misconception is because of how some people who say that they are prophets carry themselves about. The ostentatious lifestyle many of them are exhibiting is misleading a lot of people in the Body of Christ.

It is sad to say that many of the people who call themselves prophets are too wordly to be called men of God. Their lifestyle tells their story. Unfortunately, many people are attracted to that lifestyle because they think that being a prophet is glamorous. That is not true. Being a prophet has nothing to do with glamour. A prophet is a humble person who has no time to impress anyone.

Please note that what I am saying here does not in any way suggest that true prophets of God do not exist any longer. It does not mean that prophets are not to enjoy the good things of life. No, that is not what I am saying. I am simply saying that carnality is not part of the prophetic calling. True prophets do not care about material things to the point of lying and deceiving people to acquire them as has become the habit of many who say that they are prophets. May I say again that despite all that, we still have genuine prophets in our midst. They are there. You shall know them by their fruits.

I thank God for delivering me from that foolish and selfish mindset. That is not the mind of God. Only false prophets trade their gifts for material gain. No true prophet of God does that. He knows that the anointing is not for sale and will not dare to trade it for any form of material gain.

Truthbetold, many believers who are busy desiring, coveting, praying and fasting for the prophetic anointing have no idea what a true prophet goes through before the Lord releases him to minister to his people.

A true prophet must go through a wilderness experience for many years before the Lord will put him in the office of the prophet. This does not come easy. It is not achieved by wishful thinking.

Even after he has been established in the office of the prophet, many believers still have no clue whatsoever what a true prophet of God goes through in discharging his duties.

Even as they want to be like him, they do not know that a prophet, no matter his level of anointing goes through attacks, rejections, name-calling, accusations, etc., throughout his or her ministry till the Lord calls the person back to himself. May I add that the deeper the anointing, the bigger and heavier the cross of tribulations. So, know what you are asking for before you continue.

Truthbetold, many people have no idea that true prophets suffer a lot and go through a lot to remain faithful to their calling.

In their limited understanding, they think that the only job of a prophet is to prophesy. They want to be like Prophet A or B, so they have a worldwide follower ship. Yet, they are not ready to pay the price required for it.

Another problem is that many believers are busy asking for the prophetic  anointing without asking for wisdom on how to use it. They do not know that the prophetic anointing is like a two edged sword. It can do both good and evil, depending on the knowledge of the person involved. That is why wisdom is important. Many times, the Holy Spirit has warned me never to curse or speak a bad word on people, especially if I am upset. If I do, it will come to pass. “There is power in your tongue, use it to bless and not curse,”says the Lord.

If the anointed person lacks wisdom and character, the anointing can become a deadly tool in his hand. God does not want that. That is why he breaks and strips the prophet of all pride before releasing him to speak his word. Many who want to be prophets are not ready to be stripped and broken because they are influenced by some people who claim that they are prophets, but have not surrendered their lives to the Lord.

Truthbetold, many believers have no idea that the prophetic ministry is full of pitfalls and Satan is always at war with the true prophets of God.

Take it or leave it, the Prophetic call is a call to death. Only those who are genuinely called into that ministry office have the grace to go through it successfully.

I would urge everyone to be careful about what type of anointing we ask of God. Instead of saying, “I want to be this or that”, I would advise that we ask God to show us our calling and pray for the grace and wisdom to accomplish it.

I must say that those who are desperate to become prophets must be made to understand that all ministry gifts are important to the Lord; none is greater than than the other. They are all gifts from the Holy Spirit for the benefit of his church. So, we would do better if we are humble enough to remain where the Lord has kept us.

Again, it is important to say that every ministry gift comes with its own perculiar challenges and attacks from the enemy. Only those the Lord has anointed for such has the grace to overcome them.

Therefore, let us stop forcing ourselves to occupying an office God has not called us into. If we do, truthbetold, we might receive what might destroy us at last. God forbid!

He who has ears to hear, let him hear. God bless you.

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