The church of today has few “anointed” teachers.
Most of the evil things and practices going on in the Body of Christ is because the church of today has few anointed teachers of the word of God. Rather, the church has more motivational speakers, businessmen and orators who pose as pastors.
This group of people are without any teaching anointing from the Holy Spirit. They are good in teaching steps of making money and acquiring wealth, but never able to teach their followers how to grow in the spirit of the Lord. Unfortunately, they have millions of followers who do not know the difference between a true man of God and men of vain words.
Truthbetold, if churches had an arrangement where pastors teach the word of God and members are allowed to ask questions freely and make comments without any fear of contradicting the pastor or even offend him, all the motivational speakers and businessmen who pose as pastors in most churches will run away out of shame. And the church of God would be a true house of God.
Many will run away because what many teach is not the truth. They teach human philosophies which have nothing to do with the word of God. Unfortunately, these false teachers have come to a place where they are beyond correction. They are gods to their followers. Whether they are right or wrong, their teachings cannot be questioned by their followers. So sad.
The church must go back to the place of truth. We must go back to the altar of righteousness where false teachers cannot operate. We must return to the place where church members respect their leaders, but not fear to challenge those who peddle falsehood. If the apostles of old were never afraid to challenge the lies and deceit of the Pharisees, why should today’s believers be afraid to challenge the false prophets of our time?
Back to the issue at hand, the Bible is replete with accounts of how the disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ were never afraid to ask him questions. And the Lord never shut them down each time they asked a question. Because he was a real teacher, he allowed them to ask questions which he answered with joy.
At a time, the disciples even made the Lord Jesus look like a false Christ when they reminded him that it was prophesied that Elijah would return before the Christ. Interestingly, the Master did not take offence, instead he explained to them that the prophecy was already fulfilled in John the Baptist. Please read Mathew 17 vs. 1 – 13).
Truth be told, a good teacher is never afraid of questions from his students. But the impostors posing as teachers in our churches hate to be asked questions. Hear this, until the church recognizes the importance of anointed teachers of the word, we will continue to see ignorant believers being led astray by people who have no business being in the church as pastors.
Remember, the Holy Spirit is a teacher, the Master Teacher at that. His church is a school. (John 14 vs. 26) When we congregate in the house of God, we are in the school of the Holy Spirit to learn from the greatest Master.
But the sad news is that most of today’s believers in Christ are not interested in learning. They want miracles and signs and wonders. In fact, they love deceit. So this type of pastors without the anointing to teach the truth are their idols. This is sad to say the least.
My dear brothers and sisters, if you belong to a church where you cannot freely ask your pastor questions about what he preaches when you know too well that his message is not in line with the written word of God, you are certainly in a wrong place. Please save yourself from the hands of false teachers so they will stop making merchandise of you(2 Peter 2: 1-3)
To you my beloved Pastor, please remember that your duty is to teach your followers the word of God, and not to force down your human philiosophy down their throat. If God did not call you, don’t force it. If you have been called, please speak only the truth to those the Lord has entrusted into your hands.
Remember that as pastors, we have been called to teach and equip the saints of God with the true knowledge of God(Ephesians 4: 11-16). We must not fail in this great mission.
Brethren, we have too many wrong(carnally minded) teachers in the church. You will never know the difference except you study the word of God by yourself. Therefore, let us give ourselves to studying the word. This is the only way we will know if our pastor is teaching us the truth or not.
If you have read this piece, please don’t sit on the fence, get involved. I ask you one question. “Who is your Pastor? This is very important because your salvation depends on the truth you learn and practice. Do not walk in darkness by following false teachers.
This is about your salvation. Don’t loose your soul by following false prophets, false teachers, motivational speakers and orators who pose as men of God. They come to you with sweet, but carnal words that have no ability to build you up, spiritually.
Remember, not all pastors want to enter the kingdom of God. If you follow those who do not want to enter, they will also not allow you to enter. They will shut up the kingdom against you with their false teachings(Mathew 23: 13)

Source:   “Truth be told” (TBT) series

 Author:   Apostle Frank B. Ogbu

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