WOLVES IN THE CHURCH

Beware of thieves in the church. They have nothing good to offer you.

When a so-called man or woman of God dupes you in the name of God, it is not because he is smart. It is because you are ignorant and foolish.

The greatest problem of those who get scammed in the name of God is their ignorance, coupled with fear.

Thieves who call themselves Pastors start by instilling fear in the spirit of their victims. They stand on the fear they plant in the spirit of their ignorant victims to execute their evil acts.

If you are attached to a man or woman of God who say things that create fear in your spirit and turns round to charge you for solution in the name of sowing seed, don’t deceive yourself, you have imposed on yourself a thief who steals in the name of God. You better go away from there.

A true man of God does what Jesus Christ his master does. Jesus walked this earth and healed many who were sick, and delivered many who were oppressed of the devil, but never charged any of them anything. Why then should a servant of God charge money for helping people with the gift God gave him free of charge?

Is it not clearly written in Mathew 10 vs 8 that we should give freely as was given freely to us? Why charge people then?

Pastors who do such are thieves in the church and must repent to save themselves from hell fire. I am not judging anyone. It is the word of God. So keep your attack to yourself please.

To you my brothers and sisters in Christ, giving is a good thing. I encourage you to give to your pastor, to the needy, support the work of God with your wealth as the spirit leads you. But don’t be foolish to give your money or anything to a thief who calls himself a man or woman of God.

Beware of them, they are everywhere now. Set yourself free from bondage by being in tune with the Holy Spirit as only him can lead you into the accurate knowledge of the truth. God bless you.

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