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After an abysmal performance in late January this year, Google has once again, re-launched its chatGPT alternative called BARD.

Early this year, Google hurriedly released BARD in fear of losing out to Microsoft for their integration of chatGPT into BING search engine. At the first launch of the Ai language Model, officials from Google threw BARD a factual historical question about the James Webb Telescope. But the Ai language model failed to answer this correctly. Unfortunately, this was something chatGPT got correctly when asked the same question.

Now Google has returned with a cautious and progressive plan by making BARD available to it’s users first in a few countries.

So team mcBLOG went ahead to test not just the possibility of using BARD but also get to know if BARD has the capabilities of outperforming chatGPT.

If you live in the United States of America (USA) or The United Kingdom (UK), then good news is you can easily request to join Google’s waiting list of BARD users without any hassle or tussle. Unfortunately BARD is not available to users in Africa, Some parts of Asia and the Middle East at the moment. Forget it, not even in South Africa, A heavily white dominated country. But then all you do is get a VPN, and switch your location to USA or UK. After, make sure you are logged in to your Gmail account either on laptop, Desktop Computer or Smartphone.

After performing these tasks itemized above, you are good to go to joining a short lived waitlist of the first or early entrants to trying Google BARD.

After requesting to join the waitlist, you will receive a message from Google into your email confirming your inclusion on their list of early testers. Just grab a cup of Sobolo, Asana or pineapple juice and await a second email from Google for you to try BARD.

Now, when you receive the message, kindly click the link attached. This navigates you away from your email to a sub domain: Congratulation, you are now ready to try what could possibly be the worlds most advanced Ai language model and chat bot after chatGPT. Welcome to the new world.

Phishing Alert!

Due to scammers and hackers who might try stealing users details from fake links. Kindly ensure that the messages you receiving or open concerning BARD is coming from Also bard is available on only one sub domain, which is be vigilant and stay safe.

SOURCE : mcBLOG | Real No Fakes |


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