BEST EVER Softwares and Utilities for Formatting and Partitioning Hard Drives

Dear reader, I know you are here because your Hard Disk drive is misbehaving and you wish to format it but Windows nor Mac OSX is not helping. Or maybe you want to divide your drive into parts to allow you organize your files properly, securely and also for easy access.

Now let’s go straight to the solution. There is free and premium software out there on the Internet that does some magic when it comes to dealing with stubborn Hard Drives. When I say stubborn, I mean HDD that are so adamant to adhere to the formatting utilities in Windows or Mac OSX.

MiniTool Partition Wizard

The name of this magical software makes it feel small but trust that it is a software you will want to keep in banks vault when you experience what it can do. The Free Version has disk partitioning and formatting abilities that are so easy to use and effective with advanced features you will never find in Windows nor Mac OSX.

MiniTool Partition Wizard makes complex formatting and partitioning task so easy. It is just about 40mb in size to download and install at the time of writing.  It’s interface  or GUI is graphically appealing and very easy to navigate with straightforward Menus

Aside this, it does have Drive recovery capabilities, you can initiate a partition recovery at the click of a button, use it to extend your system partition, change or convert file systems, it also allows you to migrate your Operating System (OS) from any standard Hard Disk Drive to a Solid State Drive (SSDs) plus more.

It supports Windows 7, 10 and Windows 360, almost all file system formats, EFI and UEFI boot, RAID storage, Master Boot Record (MBR) and GPT disks and SSDs.

EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition

The free Edition of this great software is just enough to help you create boot disks, manage partitions, create partitions, copy partitions, force wipe your Hard Disk and more. It can handle all types, brands and makes of HDDs and SSDs, be it External or Internal.

EaseUS allows you to perform the following with ease: merge or combine partitions,  resize or move partitions, wipe part or a whole drive, format partitions and change the label, check partitions. For extra features like converting or cloning partitions, you will need to purchase a pro version or an upgraded version.  

At the time of writing this Tutorial, EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition does have a very high ranking and recommendations by Reviews Websites and other portals for handling complex hard Drive problems related to partitioning and formatting. It offers extra features and several added tweaks you wouldn’t find in Microsoft Windows.

AOMEI Partition Assistant

If using the former is not your style or preference then you can also take a look at another ‘crazy’ but cool recommended partition manager called AOMEI Partition Assistant.

The team behind AOMEI Partition Assistant does update it as often as possible and has support for windows 10 aside its support for windows 7, 8 and 8.1. The free version comes packed with features way above what windows utilities have to offer when it comes to HDD partition, management, tweaking, and formatting. But for extra advanced features, kindly purchase the upgraded or the PRO version.

But If your zeal is to use this software once in a while, then kindly go for the free version.

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