Mozambique passes Law to jail Citizens who secretly record others without their Permission.

In the wake of current “digital madness” happening across the world, where people decide to record others without their permission, The Government and Law makers of Mozambique has taken the lead to pass a Privacy Infringement Law to protect it’s citizens from this behaviour.

According to the Law, if anyone records you secretly with either his/her phone, a camera or any gadget be it analog or digital without your permission or consent, you are free to report that fellow to the appropriate authorities which will be quickly responded with a sue and when found out that the intent for such recording was not to correct a social vice but to tarnish your image and reputation, then the accused could be prosecuted and jailed for up to one year in prison with hard labour.

According to a law court judge in Mozambique, Another Amendment is the abuse and exploitation of faith. Any religious personality, group or institution who uses deceitful advertising to sway believers to part away with property or Money could face a jail term up to two years.  

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PHOTO CREDIT : Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

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