Use this shortcode from NCA to check or remove all fraudulent phone numbers connected to your Ghana Card for free

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NCA has finally released a shortcode for Ghanaians to check phone numbers linked to their Ghana card. The good news is that, it’s free. No hidden cost whatsoever. This short code also allows you to de-link or remove all numbers that were fraudulently linked by some agents to your Ghana card without your permission. Kindly follow the steps below to make this successful.

Just open your moblile phone, be it Analog, Android, Iphone, Windows or any Hybrid one. Do not worry about the network you use. So far as your SIM is registered in Ghana, you’re good to.

Dial *402*1# as shown below

After you will be shown another prompt on screen to make a selection in order to continue. Kindly select option 1 as shown below :

After selection confirm to continue to the next prompt

After entering your Ghana card ID number as shown in the image above, confirm to add your date of birth exactly as shown in the image below.

If you did this correctly, then, on the next prompt, you will receive a confirmation and congratulatory message from your network. It should mention the fact that your registered numbers linked to your Ghana Card will be forwarded to you through SMS.

Navigate to your messages section on your phone and check the received SMS. Make sure you verify the list of numbers linked to your Ghana Card, If you find out that, any of those numbers is not yours, Quickly take your Ghana Card and go to your network’s office closest to you to report and de-link that number.

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