VGMA 23 : How Multimedia Group’s insulted and disrespected Sarkodie, Piesie Esther and other hard working Artistes

Team mcBLOG’s attention has been drawn to a very serious anomaly on Multimedia Group’s

The reason we are writing about this is simple. Multimedia Group, for the record is undoubtedly Ghana’s first media house to start and operate a Private FM station way back in 1995 called Joy FM. This is evidently captured and displayed on their homepage at

Multimedia Group and it’s group of media platforms like Joy FM, Adom TV, Adom FM, Multi TV, Asempa FM, Hitz FM, Luv FM, Nhyira FM, etc has produced high quality personalities like the late Komla Dumor, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, Nathan Kwabena Adisi, Gary Al-Smith, Doreen Andoh, Tommy Annan Forson, Samson Lardy Anyenini, Emefa Apawu, Nathaniel Attoh, Manasseh Azure, Dzifa Bampoh, Lexis Bi ll, Bola Ray, Kwaku Sakyi-Addo, Owuraku Ampofo, Mark Okraku-Mante (Deputy Minister of Creative Arts Ministry – 2020 – 2024), Francisca Kakra Forson. the list goes on

This and more makes a credible platform for news and other salient information. Every content they put out must not be taken for a shallow read as they do not only have the the wherewithal but also, do have the men and women at their disposal to ensure that no mistake occurs in their reportage or documentation of every information they publish on their platforms.

Unfortunately, in recent times this is no more the case as Multimedia Group is gradually falling short of the quality of talents and staff they put at the helm of affairs. This canker, gradaully seeping through the Management and some staff members of, a brand owned by Multimedia Group needs to be checked as soon as possible, so they don’t plunge the whole country into a state of confusion. Especially in the creative Arts sector.

At the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2023, The R&R (Reviews and Rejoinders) department of Team mcBLOG decided to find out how news portals online reported what really happened at Ghana’s Music biggest night.

Now when we entered the search keyphrase ” List of winners at VGMA 2023 “, the first platform that got listed was with the caption “VGMA 2023 : Full list of winners”


so we began to seep through the list provided by To our shock, Multimedia’s deliberately decided to not just commit the biggest mistake, but also confuse the reading populace concerning who actually won what under the Best Gospel Artiste of the Year category and this is how:

  1. In the list for best Gospel Artiste of the year category, Ghanaians may understand that since Piesie Esthers’s name is highlighted in their list then obviously she is the winner. But then look closer and you will be shocked that Sarkodie’s photo was used to represent Piesie Esther. Sarkodie is not Piesie Esther and Piesie Esther can never be Sarkodie. In fact these 2 Artistes are from two totally different genres in the music industry and this blunder can never ever be forgiven. This is an insult to both Artistes, their brands and what they represent as well as the Gospel Music fraternity.
  2. As at 16th May 2023, at exactly 7:39 am when we decided to publish this review, this horrible mistake made by is still not corrected. It’s been ten (10) days. They had ten days to correct these but they refused to do so. It’s as if they have no editorial department that oversee to it that every content that goes on their platform is checked and proofread for serious mistakes like these.
  3. This is a historic documentation and any mistake made on the part of is unpardonable. Especially in this era of Ai and seo bots who are scraping the internet everyday for text and image contents. it will be very hard for this mistake to be corrected and totally removed from the internet someday.
  4. Irrespective of these mistakes, Team mcBLOG could have relinquished writing this review. But then, a further probe and an overnight thought of what Piesie Esther, her brand, Management, the entire Gospel Music Fraternity, Sarkodie, Vodafone Ghana, VGMA 2023 and all parties involved stand to loose for this goof by a media company that touts itself as the best in this country, is the reason we had to write this.
  5. If a researcher from another country happen to use this information on as his or her sole source of reference for any academic material, then I bet we are in trouble as a nation. This researcher will only repeat this mistake. The worst is when this material gets turned into printed documents like books, news papers, brochures, magazines.
  6. In the list of that category (Gospel Artistes of the Year) are other competing Artistes aside Piesie Esther, namely: Joe Mettle, Perez Music, Diana Hamilton, Celestine Donkor, MOG Music. Yet the staff at deliberately decided to attach Sarkodie to that post. Why not any of those Artistes in that category. At least that could pass as a “Genuine mistake”.

The ramifications that awaits the industry on this blunder is just unimaginable


As if that was not enough, decided to ignore the photo attachment for Audio Engineer of The Year category. This is lazy journalism on the part of as they are one of the official Media partners for the VGMA 2023, that’s if not the official Media partner. In this regard, whatever they publish represents The VGMA Brand and Vodafone, the headline sponsor.

Therefore, ignoring the attachment of an image to who actually won the Audio Engineer of the year is like telling the whole world that officials of the VGMA 2023 asked that Altra Nova, the winner of this category does not deserve that recognition. Image speaks louder than words remember.


Our conclusion is simple,

  1. It’s as if all they care about was to be the first to break the news regarding the list of winners at the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2023.
  2. The cash to be made from the traffic sources that their article will bring to their platform was way too important for them than the credibility of their platform.
  3. Irrespective of these mistakes, staff members at, know all too well that their readers care less about the mistakes they make. ” it’s just a mistake, one of those things, a common sorry can solve this problem, hardly do Ghanaian entertainers sue mistakes made about them”. These are a few of the endless excuses we believe will make decide not to correct these mistakes, ten days after the VGMA event.

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