Ass Versus Intelligence

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Well. At the time of penning my thoughts on paper. several things run through my mind when this title came to mind. Take it or live it. ASS is the most important asset in the world today. Period. No offense, No argument about this. The world is on the fast lane to destruction. Something Weird people like Scientologists, philosophers, atheists, Soothsayers, etc call the Apocalypse or better put, The end of days. In one way or the other, I think we are contributing to fulfilling the prophecy in the Bible.

Back to my issue. The days when men use to cherish and adore women for their intelligence is over. Agree or do you not agree.? Okay allow me to delve a little bit into your conscience. Anytime you walk around your vicinity, when you see women wearing clothes that seriously reveals all the assets given to them by their maker, what comes to you?  As manly as you are the first thought that runs inside that skull is how appealing that woman looks. Tell me it’s a lie. Anyway, don’t be a hypocrite. All women know this is the greatest weakness of men and so they do not hesitate at all to dress to kill. Today, Dressing to kill the eyes of men and further wet their appetite towards illicit activities with their opposite counterparts has taken precedence in every facet of our societal structure. From the church to the Mosques, Campuses to Public events and finally to the doorsteps of clubs and the highest seats of governance. Our women are just going naked.

In view of this, it is of no news and also highly expected of today’s men to only see, cherish and respect women through their ASS, instead of their brains. Unfortunately, our society, which claims to be elevated to an elite community, has more job openings for women in strip clubs and prostitution. My question is simple. So don’t we feel ashamed when a woman decides to quit her job as nurse only to end up as a twerker or stripper in music videos and Night clubs? What is more glorious than a child going to school and proudly shouting to the world that her mama is the greatest nurse in this world.

Well, it looks as if I am complaining, but I will lay the blame at the doorstep of our leaders who are doing so little to create equal and bigger opportunities for we the young ones, especially young girls. in a society where everybody is left to fish for him or herself without guidance, promiscuity, obviously becomes the most important order of the day.

Not long ago, this is what my father told me: “In the olden days, it was very difficult for a man to see the nudity of a woman anyhow. Truth be told. boys developing from Adolescence to becoming full blown men, had to travel miles and miles away from home only to wash the feet of a woman. That was the age our beautiful woman were referred to as Queens, Princesses and Goddesses. But today, a woman, who claims to be educated, or for want of a better word, free minded, will willingly strip for her male counterparts under the garnished word of freedom.”

The worst of it is when she is pretty aware that, in today’s world video cameras come disguised in various forms: From Watch cameras, to pen ones, to Electrical Socket disguised Cameras and bulb Cameras, Pinhole Cameras, infra red cameras, etc… The end results is total regrets for that action when her videos gets leaked to the rest of the world.

Guess what, I nearly forgot about our Gay brothers who make money through their anus. The passage you and I know is only accredited to fecal Matter. This reminds me of my first time encounter on a movie set with a gay who was hired as the makeup artist. I was shocked when a collegue hinted to me that he was gay. For the full story in that encounter, I will address that in another article.

So far as all a woman needs to buy cars, fend for herself, build houses and take care of the whole family is either to enjoyably warm the beds of men or just twerk her ass in the clubs. Trust me, the worst is yet to come. So far as medical students, after seven years of “academic bondage” from University of their own choosing, had to leave on meagre home care allowances from their parents. Then I bet this menace is not going away. So far as a Night Club pays above a $100 an hour for showing your ASS or cleavage. This is yet to get worst. The world’s drift towards the end of days is a prophecy. No one can reverse it.

I ask this simple question again? ASS versus INTELLIGENCE, which is sexy? Indeed, which one pays?

That is not mine to answer. You do that and choose for yourself where you belong?

SOURCE : mcBLOG | Real No Fakes |


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