In Future When I Die – Part 1

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Lamentations of a Devilish Scientist

So I was so lucky to have a chit chat with this man who believes so much in death.  Pretty much an obvious reason why he wants to die. In fact, he’s tried all sort and manner of ways to abruptly end his life but to no avail. His conclusion, HEAVEN does not need him in their register. Funny right ?. Never worry. There are several of such thinkers walking the surface of this earth. If you’ve not met one yet.  It really doesn’t mean they do not exist. So we sat to discuss the issues bothering him one after the other.

why did you want to end your life? I asked cunningly.

I have tried DDT, nil. Tried hanging, it failed. I stabbed myself. Not a single drop of blood. Then I realized my time is not yet up.

As I speak to you, poison is my favorite meal. But still my results is zero. The closer I get to death, the farther he moves away. I just cannot really understand him. The confusion and mystery behind his very existence is unexplainable. I really want to die, I just want to die. Not in the future but now.

Why do you want to die? I asked

Good question. And this brings me to mine. Which I believe you have to answer first. Are you happy with the current state of your life ? I guess not. Are you happy when you wake up every morning to nasty news like the stadium disaster, petrol filling station explosion, at the Kwame Nkrumah circle, The Melcom disaster and the current gas filling station explosion at LA and all that? Not to talk about the Aircraft crash landing at Burma Camp.

I got interested in his conversation. Wow!. I screamed. So you do remember all that?

Of course I do. because I can’t forget these horrible events. These are memories that can last for centuries. The gory pictures the media splashed on their networks without circumspective consideration of minors in our society. You think that is something a man can just forget?

Enough. I get you. I said softly. IN FUTURE WHEN I DIE.  Why this book?

The answer is in the title Bro! he laughed


Because I want to die. And remember, the future is happening right in this room. Every millisecond is the future.

Of course I know that.

Then you do know that I could leave this place a dead man,  Do you know why?  Because I want to die.

Are you fed up with life? I asked.

No I’m not. People who should be fed up with life should be that poor man who has ten kids and is still the bread winner for his external family. That man who finds it so difficult to have one square meal for his family and yet suffering from throat cancer, HIV,  Hepatitis B,  syphilis, eye cataract and all the deadly diseases this world has ever seen. Something I have had my hand in its creation.

You mean you had a hand in all these?

Of course. Not just my hand, I am the brain child behind these diseases and I regret for the chaos we’ve brought to this world. This is the main reason I want to die. Because the longer I live, the more dangerous I become to the society.

Well. Unfortunately death doesn’t want you. What do you do?

Yes of course, he doesn’t need me. You know why?

No! I replied

Because My last research I conducted is about to break the mystery surrounding death himself. I have already shared that information with my fellow scientists and this is why death doesn’t want me. We are so close to putting an end to death. Death himself. Soon Death shall be no more.

This is good news.

Good news it is. The very reason why death doesn’t want me so he can cajole me to put an end to that research…

How possible ?

Do you really want to know?

Yes of Course. Who will not be interested in such wonderful news?

To be continued…


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