(What you are about to read is the full speech given by the Creator of Ghana’s First Children’s Movie at The Noble Kwabena Nketia Hall, inside The Kwame Nkrumah Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana Legon. Date: 19th March 2011  )


Movie making in Ghana, as far as one can tell now, has moved to a totally different level. Now it is safer and highly profitable to invest in this area. This means, investing in movies should be the priority of individual investors, financial institutions, Private, corporate and governmental organizations, etc…

But there is still indeed another branch or vital area in the movie industry, which movie producers have overlooked. That is producing movies for the younger ones.

This area is what we, at MC MULTIMEDIA, in association with E-CARE CLUB, have decided to make as part of our organisational agenda. It is therefore in this direction, and welcomed news, that for the first time in Ghana, we have successfully produced what we call…

GHANA’S FIRST, LONGEST AND YOUNGEST MOVIE titled MEKEL’S ANGELS, with the sub title: “This is our story”


We are glad to introduce to you MC MULTIMEDIA.

MC MULTIMEDIA is a media production firm in Ghana.

Over a period of time, we have provided quality multimedia services to individuals, schools, organizations, and companies at the most competitive rates ever.

Our services include the provision of high quality productions in:

*Advertising*Film production*Television Production
*Animation*Music Production*Event Management
*Website Designing*Graphic Designing*Training
*Script Writing*Projects Management 


Taking up the responsibility of constantly training and developing professionals, for the multimedia Industry.


To have a world, where Creativity, Innovation, Exploration, and Hard Work, would be the order of the day. Where everybody would utilize, every moment of his breath, to create something, for the basic purpose of improving humanity.


E – CARE CLUB simply stands for everybody cares club. The club was instituted to help train, and develop young talented kids and the youth especially, who want to become stars in their chosen fields of endeavour. Some of the aims and objectives of the club are:

  1. To promote togetherness among the youth
  2. To instill into the youth a spirit of learning and leadership
  3. To promote friendly relations among the youth


Four Heartless kids are kidnapped and dropped into a car they have no idea of it’s origin. Later, they opened their eyes only to find themselves in a mysterious house they have no idea of it’s location.

What happened, when these confused kids, as time flies, gradually unravel the mystery behind their kidnap and the purpose for which they were brought to that house. In this house, they only communicate with a little girl and a computer.


Between ages 12 and 18 years of age


Whatever happens in our society today, in terms of the behaviour of our youth mostly depends on parenting and nurturing. Bad parenting or nurturing will definitely produce citizens who have awkward ways but good parenting will produce for our dear nation, responsible people who will propel our nation, our continent and the world at large to our long awaited destination.

The reason for this movie, is to help nurture, educate, inform and challenge our future leaders so as to enable them grow in love for one another. For it is only in unity, that our world will be a better place. MEKEL’S ANGELS is a simple story of LOVE told from a dimensional perspective. It’s purpose is to help educate all children across Africa and the world on the importance of LOVE. After watching the movie, our audience will learn to:

  1. love the people around them
  2. treat strangers they meet as their siblings rather than their enemies
  3. Become responsible people in our society
  4. Possibly be moved to drop all their negative behaviours
  5. Make peace rather than become war mongers
  6. Be challenged to achieve excellence in whatever they do


People have asked several questions about the title of the movie, especially  “ANGELS”. Angels, is used as an acronym in this movie rather than a word. This is explained below:

A – Attitude

The movie teaches it’s target audience to have attitude towards everything they do. The good one is what we are talking about. That, our audience should learn to have love for one another.

N – Novelty

It also further requests that, they strive to become novels in all aspects of their life.

G – Goodness

A society without good people will definitely suffer a fall. Today’s wars, woes, suffering and all the atrocities we hear are caused by bad people. Goodness is therefore an eminent factor in determining the progress our world can make. Our audience, in this delight, are therefore expected to be moved to always strive to do good things.

E – Excellence

The reason for the ‘Millennium Excellence Award’ is to award deserving personalities who have proven themselves and strived to achieve perfection in the pursuit of their duties, dreams, aspirations, etc… This in no turn, puts us in that direction, that our audience will learn from this movie, how they can also excel in whatever they do. First by considering our key words and messages: Love, Change, goodness and kindness, Truthfulness, Help, respect, etc…

L – Loyalty

Allegiance, Commitment, dedication, truthfulness, These are the words that comes to mind when we talk about Loyalty. At the end, our audience, in a way, should be able to learn to be loyal towards what ever they do.

S – Service

“I promise on my honour, to be faithful and loyal to Ghana my motherland, I pledge myself to the service of Ghana…”

These few lines of Ghana’s National Pledge, can further explain the meaning of the Last letter of MEKEL’S  ANGELS. It is our earnest dream that in the end, our audience will finally grow with a sense of service towards our nation, our continent and our world. It is with a pledge of service to our motherland that will make all of us foster ahead to achieve the best in all that we do in life.


In January 2010, MC MULTIMEDIA in association with E-CARE CLUB agreed to bring to children in Ghana, across Africa and possibly beyond, the first ever kids movie from Ghana, titled MEKEL’S ANGELS.

MC MULTIMEDIA, Being a production house, that has already been connected to programmes like SMART KIDS and CHILDREN’S CHANNEL on GTV, took this project with ease.

We realized that, to be able to achieve this dream, we have to successfully go through all the four steps we outlined for this project:

Pre – Production


Post -Production

Promotion / Marketing / Distribution


Call: +233 267171555
Whatsapp: +233 571715557
Dkidz Africa
Call: +233 267171555
Whatsapp: +233 571715557



The above stated project plan for this movie, in no way exhaust the list. In case of any new development or changes, it will be updated accordingly.

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