A journalist who takes bribe from a politician has been intellectually raped by that politician, says Dodzi Amewu, a writer and poet, in his latest book entitled “The Mine,”

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, the author stated that Journalists should see their profession as a call to serve the good people of Ghana with diligence and loyalty, and reiterated the need for journalists to report nothing but the truth.

Explaining why he chose such a controversial title for a poem, he said he had no particular politician in mind at the time of writing the poem, adding that \”the poem in itself is rather symbolic of politicians who engage in all kinds of dubious means to get journalists to write propaganda articles for them just for the purpose of retaining power.

\”Power is given by God. Therefore politicians should desist from fighting for power,\” he declared.

\”Politicians Rape Journalists\” is one of forty-five poems in Mr. Amewu\’s book. The 130-page book would soon be launched alongside its Audio CD version, and an animated version of the author\’s favourite poem, \”The Mine\”.

This makes Mr. Kelvin Amewu the father of animated poetry in Ghana. The book is co-authored by Mr. Charles Amewu, an accountant and Senior Revenue Officer at the VAT Service.

In the opinion of the writer, they have indeed brought a paradigm shift to poetry, something he believes Ghanaians and Africans, in general, have long waited for.

According to him, he will soon launch the first-ever Poetic Movie titled \”Poetic Justice,\” a movie about a group of poets who feel they\’ve been cheated for a long time and, therefore, resolve to seek justice because they believe they already have the \’poetic license\’ to do so.

SOURCE : mcBLOG | Real No Fakes | www.mcmultimedia.biz


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