If you are GA-DANGBE, a GA, can speak the languages, married to one or a lover of Movies, then I bet “AHƐBENƆ” translated into english, UNEXPECTED is a movie you wouldn’t want to miss. Benjamin Nii-Lartey Ayiku, BNA as he is popularly called is the magical brain behind this Creative and original work of Art. This time, he decided to unexpectedly drop an intriguing piece titled “AHƐBENƆ” translated into English: UNEXPECTED. Elaborating on the movie, He said The “AHƐBENƆ” movie seeks to educate and change a lot of negative perceptions among people. ” A rich person is one who helps others with his riches, especially the poor, something currently rare in our society and this is the focus of this movie. I am trying to rekindle this behaviour or way of life with my movie. ” One does not need all the wealth of life to be able to help others, he concluded”. Benjamin Nii Lartey Ayiku is a focused and steadily growing filmmaker who has worked on numerous projects. This includes but not limited to GA-DANGBE movies: Yebi Yehe Nyelor (My Son, My Enemy), Nubour Awiyelor (Wicked Visitor), Walor Be (No Helper) and “AHƐBENƆ” (UNEXPECTED). Other movies and works includes: Crazy Quest, The Rugged Cross (a 13 episode Television Series), The Holy Prostitute, a short film about prostitution, Love Beyond Boundaries, a one location and one scene skit about HIV and AIDS, and more.

Benjamin Nii Lartey Ayiku is the Chief Executive Officer of Adonai Entertainment, a production focused on changing lives through their productions. He is a Writer, Director, a Journalist and a Video Editor. “AHƐBENƆ” (UNEXPECTED) is full of suspense, intrigue, with a plot difficult to predict until you watch to the end. It’s Actors and Actresses brings a difference to the screen. The movie features ace actor William Addo and GA-DANGBE’S unforgettable Actor Blemanor. “AHƐBENƆ” (UNEXPECTED) is scheduled to be launched on Sunday, July 23, 2017 at the Kasseh car park-Ada, at exactly 1pm. There is more to expect from the world of Benjamin Nii-Lartey Ayiku and Adonai Entertainment.. “AHƐBENƆ” (UNEXPECTED) is just the beginning.

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